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Why Found Home?!

My home and heart wasn't always filled with love and laughter, there was a period in my late teens and very early twenties where I wandered the world in search of something, anything. Perhaps not all that wander are lost, but I most certainly was.

Then along came a stranger, tall, dark handsome and he whisked me away.

Through love and grace I found a place I belonged, I found my feet, found myself, found my voice and my passion - I found home.

Home is more than just a house, to me it's a place where my sweet little family can grow and learn and play comfortably, safe and supported. I love being surrounded by beauty, and the great thing about styling and design is that beauty is personal. A hand me down hutch, an old cedar chest that was gifted by a friend that you can barely gather the guts to open because the smell of moth balls is so overwhelming but it makes a darn fine coffee table, it doesn't really matter what style of home it is, as long as it is a place that serves you and your family well. Home should serve your heart, your passions and fill you with joy!

From historic to modern and everything in between, whatever home is for you, may you have it, or soon find it friends.

In joy,


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